The Cost of registering your domain
Only €70 + VAT

Registration Fees cover the 1st two years and are payable in advance. Renewal fees are payable every 2 years thereafter. One month after cancellation names are again made available for registration. Resellers may take advantage of our discount scheme by becoming authorised

Registering a Name

When registering a domain name in the IE.NU Name space, we must have your relevant details and you must read and tell your clients about IE.NU's Terms & Conditions. IE.NU Limited is not a party to contracts between the ISP and their clients.

Quick Registration - Non ISP's only -The Easiest way for an individual / company to register a domain name. (Server details not needed)
Note: This method of application does not allow for the allocation of DNS Servers at this time.

The following method's are recommended for ISP's.

Text / E-mail Registration - ISP's please use this method, better for large volumes. Submit the completed form to "" include the words "Domain Request" in the subject line.

Web Registration - An easy way for ISP's / Agents to register a single domain name. Once submitted, applications will be processed automatically.

The 'IE.NU' domain will load successful domains twice a day at 01.00 and 13.00 hrs (Greenwich Mean Time).

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